New sweater

Look what I made!
This sweater is a great succes, on all acounts. It fits perfectly, the yarn is lovely, the drape is great, the mods I incorporated do their job accomodating for a narrow back and a fuller front.
The recipe is Buttercup, originally a short-sleeved tunic. But tunics are not a good look for me (a tent over a large breast and wide hips does not exactly flatter my narrow waist. So there was waist-shaping! And it worked.
Ok, now I think my bed is calling me.
But as an added bonus, you should see what happens when you leave your toddler unattended for about ten seconds while you load the washing machine…
This is a lovely mix of youghurt and oat meal, evenly distributed across the entire table, as well as most of his clothes. While making this, he said “Me make big heart!”. Aww. That just makes it impossible for me to say “no, this isn’t what you’re supposed to do” in a semi-strict voice. Instead I just giggled and found the necessary means with which I could undo his little work of art.

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