A Sock Knitter?

Could it be that I’ve become a Sock Knitter? It could seem like it, since I’ve churned out a fair share of ’em this winter, to help us through the never-ending frost that holds us land-locked up north.

Another funny thing I’ve realised is my quick demise in yarn taste. In fact, the more lurid, the better. Just look at this neon-coloured pair I’m whipping out:


Tasteful? No. Fun? Yes! Well, at least in my twisted little universe, it is. But hey, I cracked up watching Thom Yorke do his version of “single ladies” in the video for their new single Lotus Flower.

More socks, this time in Zitron Trekking Hand Art, which is a great sock yarn, and definitely on the tasteful side in terms of colour and sillyness.

And a second pair in the CeWeC Salida California yarn that the neon-coloured beauties are also made from. It’s cheap-ass yarn, I got 10 skeins for 20-ish dollares. These are socks for my hubby, who does indeed have very big feet. It’s just hard to tell from the picture, because the leg is also pretty long.

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