A Sock Knitter?

Could it be that I’ve become a Sock Knitter? It could seem like it, since I’ve churned out a fair share of ’em this winter, to help us through the never-ending frost that holds us land-locked up north.

Another funny thing I’ve realised is my quick demise in yarn taste. In fact, the more lurid, the better. Just look at this neon-coloured pair I’m whipping out:


Tasteful? No. Fun? Yes! Well, at least in my twisted little universe, it is. But hey, I cracked up watching Thom Yorke do his version of “single ladies” in the video for their new single Lotus Flower.

More socks, this time in Zitron Trekking Hand Art, which is a great sock yarn, and definitely on the tasteful side in terms of colour and sillyness.

And a second pair in the CeWeC Salida California yarn that the neon-coloured beauties are also made from. It’s cheap-ass yarn, I got 10 skeins for 20-ish dollares. These are socks for my hubby, who does indeed have very big feet. It’s just hard to tell from the picture, because the leg is also pretty long.

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Trousers for a big boy!


My little boy is turning two tomorrow. So I made him this pair of pants today. The picture is pretty bad, but trust me when I say that they’re awesome. They even have pockets! I am a daring crafter, oh yes.
I am also starting a new job tomorrow, so I’m awake now, feeling a little nervous and also elated. Life is going to be quite different from now on. But in a good way, I am sure.

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Sweater in the making!

IMAG0088, originally uploaded by elifantom.

I’m making a sweater, and it’s going fast. This picture was taken five days ago, and I’m close to being done with the body. Yay.

The sweater is Buttercup http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/buttercup-6, modified to be more of a t-shirt rather than a tunic (not a flattering shape for me, not even when I’m pregnant. Which I’m not, but, uh, yeah.)

Also, Rasmus gave me a Yaaarrrnn t-shirt, as you can obviously see here, and it’s awesome. Now I’m a knitting pirate. What more could you want? (More yarn, perhaps?).

Anyway, cheers.

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You know, one of the saddest dieting advice I ever read (and they’re usually pretty glum), suggested that the succulent woman should always freeze a little. That way, she would get thinner without doing a thing! Except, of course, shiver.

Well, I better damn well lose a few pounds, because my apartment is so cold. Sweaters and woolly socks aren’t up to the challenge. In fact, we’re wrapped in blankets most of the time we’re in the living room. And we spend all of our non-sleeping time in that living room. There’s only one working radiator heating up our living room and kitchen (which is basically an elongation of the living room). So I think that’s the culprit right there. There IS a radiator in the kitchen. It’s just that it doesn’t really work. At best, it’s slightly lukewarm. Same goes for our bathroom radiator. But I can sort of live with being cold while taking a pee.

This calls for more coffee.

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Looking back and front

The holidays are almost over, a new year has begun, and I’m celebrating it with having a good ol’ cold. The kind that runs away with your head and leaves a cloud in its stead. This cloudiness is making typing without errors a little difficult. But I’ll try to put into words my summations and intentions of yesteryear and time to come.

I did a lot of knitting this year, but never got around to publishing any more patterns. I am still unemployed, which bugs me a lot, because my psychology doesn’t work well with not having a clear frame on which I can hang my life pursuit.
However, I did manage to finish my thesis, and that’s no small feat, after all. I’m still really interested in my field of studies (regulation of labour safety, and the psychology of the work place). I hope I can get a form of employment within this field at some point, but I’d be happy to do just about anything, to be honest.

My goals of 2011 are:
Getting paid employment
reading more books – perhaps ten is attainable
Writing and publishing two patterns
Doing yoga and meditation on a regular basis

And because pictureless posts are boring. Look at this jacket I found at the second hand store! It’s made by hand and very, very eighties. But unlike most other things from the eighties, this is actually made for a realistic human figure, and it fits me like a glove. I think this will fit right into my spring wardrobe, when I want to walk the streets in my hood and look like a retro-ironic hipster. Oh, and do you remember the irony of the 90’s. It suddenly seems very far away in the current bleak economic situation, doesn’t it?

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Handmade holidays, vol. 1

Crafty presents. Yup.

I knitted a lot of socks, none of which are documented. Socks are great presents.

And I knitted two Nessies for my mother in law and her daughter:


The recipe can be found here:

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Handmade presents vol. 2

I put a lot of effort into making this christmas a homemade one. Of course not all my gifts were made by hand, but a lot of them were.
In december I had a rather intense assembly-line gift-making of soap, cream, toffees, bath salt and lavender bags. Yup. The toffees were actually the hardest thing to get right.
Here’s a gritty picture displaying our finished batch of gifts:

The cream is the perfect stuff for red baby-bottoms, sore noses and cold-inflicted hands, and, well, just about everything else. I’ve even used it as shoe polish. Heh. No but seriously, I make several LITRES of this every year, and give it away generously.

The recipe is dead-simple.
3 parts olive oil
2 parts shea butter
1 part beeswax

Melt the whole lot in double boiler. Pour into a clean container.

And that’s it! You got to admit that’s easy, right?
The recipe is my adaptation of Sisse’s Olive creme, which can be found in Danish here: http://www.maisha.dk/node/88

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