Things that fail

Like all bloggers, my life isn’t all gloss and glory. Things fail. Don’t turn out the way I want them. Or just plain suck.

Such as some sucker stealing my bike! It happened a long time ago, but I couldn’t bear to talk about it before. I still get heavy in my heart seeing pictures of it. I know it’s silly and just a thing, but I really liked this bike, bought it with my own money because I thought “this is an awesome bike and it will carry me around the world beautifully”. And then someone took it just a month after I got it.
Sweet bike, come back to me!

This is a knitting fail:
The colours are beautiful, the yarn is lovely (Dansk Mohair). The pattern riotously popular. What could go wrong? Two things, stockinette rolling over like nobody’s business, and I also failed to do the right increases at the very beginning, but didn’t notice until the end. You will also see that I didn’t take a finished picture even though it is actually finished. Ahem. Fail.

Also, you should pay attention when you’re whipping cream. It’s a delicate balance, and say, talking with your toddler while making whipped cream, could very quickly lend you a whole lot of butter. Just sayin’.

That’s it! No more photographic evidence of failure for you! That’s because I don’t want to show you the pile of (clean, but yet to be folded) pile of laundry that is waiting for me. Ah, so you think that everyone has that kind of pile. Sure. But this one is about a month old. Yay. I will go now and show it who’s master. After I’ve finished my sandwich, that is.

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