Lazy blogger – full on life

If anyone actually reads this, they’d noticed that I don’t actually update this thing very often. But that’s a good thing, because hey, life’s been good and I’ve been making lots of stuff. And I use my “make-stuff-o-meter” as a way of telling my general happiness in life. Eline making lots of stuff = YAY! All is well. Eline not making stuff = UH-OH, you’d better relax and take care of yourself.

But stuff has been made, so all is well. I also do this stuff for a lot of hours every day called work, which funnily enough sucks out a lot of time from my life. The thing is that I’ve been really lucky and sneakily got myself a job that is awesome. So there you go.

Now let me show you some of the things I’ve made:

First up: Newly finished sweater for my out-and-about toddler, who needs a sturdy sweater this autumn. It’s intentionally pretty big, because hey, why not get two years of wear into it? It’s a crappy phone-pic, but the colours are very rich, the red especially. Oh, and the head-opening does fit him, I know it’s small, but the ribbing stretches a lot.


Next up: A sweater, this time a summery one for me. I’m on the fence about it. It’s ok, but I’m worried it looks too “handknitted” to wear in public. Perhaps I should venture into public and see what it says? (Not that it would help, really, I think a live boa snake would be necessary to attract attention in this urban environment I live in…)


I’m worried the picked-up stitches at the neck give it away as a handknit…

But overall, it looks good and fits me well.

I made a shawl. Because I really need more shawls. Hah. Not. But it will not stop me from making more shawls. I’m looking at you, Stephen West secret KAL.

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