Sweater in the making!

IMAG0088, originally uploaded by elifantom.

I’m making a sweater, and it’s going fast. This picture was taken five days ago, and I’m close to being done with the body. Yay.

The sweater is Buttercup http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/buttercup-6, modified to be more of a t-shirt rather than a tunic (not a flattering shape for me, not even when I’m pregnant. Which I’m not, but, uh, yeah.)

Also, Rasmus gave me a Yaaarrrnn t-shirt, as you can obviously see here, and it’s awesome. Now I’m a knitting pirate. What more could you want? (More yarn, perhaps?).

Anyway, cheers.

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One Response to Sweater in the making!

  1. julie says:

    Ooh, cute! We should be Ravelry friends! My name is smartasskicker on there 🙂

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