Ol’ time gadgets

IMAG0031, originally uploaded by elifantom.

Or… my new spindle! Ok, I need more exclamation marks!


Isn’t it pretty? It’s an old one, how old I do not know, but certainly antique. I don’t know very much at all about spinning yarn. But this is a skill I’ve wanted to learn for a long time now – and my dear mom and dad were so sweet and bought this for me for christmas. Apart from buying it, they also cleaned it up, took it apart and got it working like wonders.

The only thing missing is… fleece. I really don’t know where to buy that stuff here in Denmark, except at odd markets and the like. I think I need to work in an easy-type fleece first, before I embark on more difficult fibers. I do love yarn and fibers, so this is such an amazing gift. Thanks so much, mom and dad!


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