Yummy bread

IMAG0010.jpg, originally uploaded by elifantom.

Today I am so tired that I can either implode or work so much that I don’t notice. I did the latter, and not only did I clear the huge pile of dishes, I also got this little dough together, so that we’ll be properly fed this weekend.

I am a food snob, I admit it, and I cannot abide store-bought bread if I can avoid it. Being a mother of a toddler, sometimes store-bought bread is a gift from heaven in its plastic wrapper. But real good home made bread. Ah.

So here’s what I did:
Took a little sour dough from the fridge
Coarsely grated two carrots and one apple
half a tea-spoon of yeast
two tea-spoons of salt
1,5 spoon of honey (and may I recommend Søbogaard’s unheated honey. The smell alone is just… amazing. Regular honey tastes like cardboard after that).
700 ml. of water
about 2 dcl of oat meal
3 dcl of coarse speltflour
And enough good quality regular flour to get a consistency close to porridge. (look at the picture – it should be fluent enough to stir with a spoon)

Now I’m going to leave it over-night and hopefully tomorrow we’ll be swimming in really delicious buns.

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