Slightly better photo of my Elizabeth Zimmermann sweater

epicsweater, originally uploaded by elifantom.

The three and one sweater, now a slightly better picture – more so because I tweaked the colours in photoshop to match the actual colours of the yarn. I’m taking a crash course in Photoshop, Indesign and WordPress CMS, and I find it surprisingly easy and intuitive. Which makes me wish I had Photoshop and Indesign at home, because I’m a visual person and I could do so many things if I had these tools.

I also want to add a note on blocking this sweater. Which I did in a completely simple way. I gunked it in a sink with lukewarm water and a bit of soap, then carefully lifted it up and squeezed excess water out. Laid it on a fluffy towel, rolled it up with the sweater inside and danced a little on top of the towel roll. After that I just laid it out on a table to dry, tweaking it into the right dimensions. It just so happened that I grew A LOT in blocking. Remember I did a real proper swatch for this sweater – a hat! So it’s not like I’ve been a bad knitter or anything. But I’m still surprised at how much this wool fiber changes character after it’s been soaked. I had knit it with a bit of negative ease, so it’s not like it’s humongous. It’s just not… negative ease anymore.
The biggest problem is actually the neck line which is a bit too floppy for my liking. I think I might repair that by making an i-cord around the neck-line. That should do the trick, I think.

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One Response to Slightly better photo of my Elizabeth Zimmermann sweater

  1. Signest says:

    It’s just such a beautiful piece of knitting work!

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