I’m doing a self-designed project with a hemmed cuff featuring 2×2 ribbing. Normally I shy away from this type of ribbing, but I never realised why, until I was a few inches into the hem of the cuff.

My 2×2 ribbing is wonky. It looks like I’m a 5th grader who just learned how to knit. Not to disrespect either of the two demographics, but I’m neither. Then why did it look this bad?

Well, after looking around on the intarwebs, I found out that the culprit is inherent in the way I purl that first stitch after my knit stitch. No matter how hard I tried to avoid that weird sloppiness in my second knit stitch, it just wouldn’t budge. From the boggy waters of the back of my brain, I remembered something – the Norwegian purl stitch. Ah. Yes.

Knittinghelp.com has an instructional video for just that stitch, and after employing it in my knitting, I can attest that I now have a neat 2×2 ribbing. Ah, life is good.

As an aside, I’d love to teach others how to knit. That would be so much fun. I’ve been day-dreaming about that when I get tired of being unemployed.

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