Fair isle! A knitting bug has caught me, yes it has. Colour-work. I love-love-love intrinsicate colours that blend in with each other. And now that I’ve worked with stranded colour-work in knitting, I’ve been masmerized with how the colours change when they are woven intrinsically into each other.

Long time ago, I invested in a lot of Filcolana Lammeuld (Sheepswool). It’s a two-ply, running 600 meters in 100 grams of yarn. In other words, I’m a bit of knitting masochist, working a 40 inch, 240 stitches, full colourwork yoke cardigan! But fear not for my sanity, for I have already worked almost the entire body of the sweater.
My camera fails to capture colours properly, but I can attest that my (usually quite uninterested husband) enthused that it was incredibly beautiful! So I’m not completely off my mark. Also, I need to add another half inch before I join with the sleeves. I want a long, cosy and snug sweater.
I also tried my first hand at duplicate stitch. It worked just fine.
The duplicate stitch is the light blue running across the yellow area.
Oh, and an extra note on the construction. I am making a plain turned hem (keeping of interest from my somewhat generous hip-area). Since gauge is generally tighter in stranded colourwork, I compensated by first casting on 216 stitches, working the plain turned hem, then adding 24 extra stitches as I began the colourwork, so I had a total of 240 st. The clever reader will have noticed that I’m calling this a cardigan. It will become a cardigan once it’s been steeked (shriek!). This is also an (almost) first-timer for me. Since I’m new to this, I am going to use Eunny Jang’s wonderful and detailed tutorial on steeking and colourwork.

Now for sleeves! I think I will work a little interest around the cuffs, but keep them plain up above the elbow, where I will begin colour-work again. I hate to admit it, but my inspiration for this style is inspired by… Posh Spice!

Oh, I tried on the body of the sweater and it fits like a (well-fitted) glove. I can only thank my generous swatch:
IMG_6865 - Kopi
IMG_6822 - Kopi

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