Last night I managed to cut and sew parts of this new skirt. It’s inspired by the Dries Van Noten skirt I bought on a whim of insanity 8 years ago. It was insanely expensive, but I’ve worn it so much ever since, it was almost worth it. You will see both skirts in the picture here:
So far I’ve only made the body of the skirt, but still need to make the waistband. I’m planning to emulate the construction of the Dries Van Noten skirt, especially the waistband, which I have to admit is a little complex. But who says no to challenge? Again, the fabric inspired me to make this skirt. This is a heavy-weight woven fabric that I think will drape beautifully because it is so wide. The fabric reminds me a little of the Dries Van Noten fabric, so it seemed obvious to refashion the skirt. I added little orange-red darts at the hem, and I’m curious to see how that will work. I can’t just make a plain black thing, now can I? Again, this is second-hand fabric I inherited from a neighbour who was about to throw it out. Ah, but this old thrifter here jumped right at the chance and scored a great abundance of nice fabrics.

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