I don’t know how to spin, and who knows when I will learn. But never the less, isn’t this spindle a beauty?

I will add that to my never-ending wish-list of things that could be pretty neat to have. This list also includes a sewing machine where you can actually regulate the tension. I do sew quite a lot, with lenghty breaks in between, and whenever I work with the machine (easily as old as I am), I mutter under my breath and wov to buy myself a new one soon, but as soon as I am out in the real world with real worries (including monetary ones), I can find many, many other things to spend Big Money on. Such as, say, a bicycle without a lopsided wheel…

Speaking of yarn related paraphernelia that take up space in your living room, look at this beautiful yarn winder my mother gave me. The picture doesn’t really do it justice:

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