The big move!

I’ve been quiet here for a while. But news are good, because time was consumed by a very big event – my family has moved from the dull ‘burbs to the big city, right at it’s heartbeat. Now we have cargobikes, cafes, a health shop and the library just outside our door. We signed a lot of papers and wore our best clothes to the bank, and now we have our very own flat that we can live in! By chance we stumbled into this opportunity, and it won us over from the beginning. It’s spaceous, charming, worn out and quirky, with a big kitchen and a little cave of a bedroom, just big enough for our family bed. And there’s a walk-in-closet. It feels silly just saying that. But it really is just that. A walk-in-closet. Very handy in a family that tends to trawl in lots of weird things. Well, I guess I must confess it’s really me, the collector.
The living room


My creative corner – I’m so happy to have room for this. I’ve already made a lot of clothes for Jonatan on my sewing machine.

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One Response to The big move!

  1. Anja says:

    Det ser bare super dejligt ud!

    Kh Anja

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