Sewing squares of fabric together

… can really bring peace to this head of mine. These past weeks have been tupsy-turvey, but the air is finally warmer, the sun beckons the bulbs of the earth to resurface and I can feel the thrill of happiness in my belly.

The sadness has been chased away with doing lots and lots of creative work in fabrics. Here’s a sneak-peak:

First of all, the log cabin quilt is coming along nicely. 16 squares are done now. I am beginning to feel a little worn out by all this repetition of the same movement. But at the same time, sitting down by the machine, with only the task of assembling the squares in front of me, brings me a lot of peace of mind. A kind of meditative process.

I made these fisherman’s pants yesterday, from scratch, improvised pattern and all. I really like them, they’re definitely going to be a favourite this summer. Yay.

I got a new tiny fancy computer, it needed a bag to keep it from bumps and greasy babyfingers, so of course I made one! It’s really silly and awesome. Love.

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