2hand gold

A favourite get-away is shopping in 2hand shops. I’ve always loved doing this, and has been my way of garping myself for many years, when there was little money in the chest. My new obsession with sewing is definitely sparked by my love of fabrics. And there are so many to be found in 2hand shops! Old bed-linens, drapes, table-cloths, and so on. In a surprisingly short time, I’ve herded quite a collection…

I’ve also found a new love in doilies. Hand-crocheted and hand-stitched by old ladies. And so cheap that they’re almost free at the 2hand shop. They’re so pretty and there are so many ways they can be put to use in an unconventional way… Let’s see what is going to happen…

And handkerchiefs. Once used for boogers. Also for sale for pennies. It’s very good cotton. I like the benign history behind these fabrics. And I like the colours. I think they’re going to become a patchwork quilt, but I’m not sure how to cut and assemble them. However, I do like this biased lay-up with a dark background…

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