Corners of my home

Inspired by Soulemama, I turned to the corners of my home. While hers are tidy spots emmanating mindfulness and joy, I have quite a lot of corners in my home that are chockful of mess, clothes and things that don’t fit anywhere. Why do I share these corners? Well, they reflect the state our family is in. We’re not in the best of shapes. I have a lot of old ghosts resurfacing, and my two men are suffering from a virus. Soulemama has a wonderful blog that inspires me a lot, but rarely does she document the worst corners of her home. I just want to say that I am not ashamed of my messy corners. They are a part of our family, and the large piles of laundry and toys scattered on the floor are simply a part of my life. That pile of laundry can wait until tomorrow, when I’d much rather spend my evening quietly knitting and cuddling with Rasmus. So I forgive myself for having ugly corners – both in my home, but also in my psyche. I’m in a difficult spot right now, but there’s a lot of potential for growth. And I find that the same is true for these corners. Especially because we’re moving to a new and bigger flat soon.

And that hideous pile you see here:

It’s a child’s bed we got for free, and now functions as a stock-pile of everything we can’t really fit anywhere else in our flat. That weird grey thing? A “walking” wagon Jonatan was given when he was six months. It’s really one of the worst toys I’ve ever seen, but Rasmus insists we keep it. Well. But the good news is that we have plans for most of things in there. And the bed itself might be remade into a kid’s sofa – because I don’t think we’re giving up co-sleeping anytime soon. There’s too much love and happiness in sleeping together as a family.

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