Simply knit!

With a one year old wiggler in the house, time and cognitive skills are often ressources I lack. But, being an obsessed knitter, I need to have something on my needles just the same. This is why the majority of my projects this year have been quite simple. Stockinette and garter stitch is my friend. Circular knitting makes my world go round. I need to be able to read my knitting with just a quick glance – even if it’s been gathering dust for a month or more. The things I like best are the projects that look impressive when finished, but actually require very little thinking for large portions of the needle-time. Such as socks. Or scarves. I knit a lot of scarves. One might say that I actually have more than enough scarves to last me through autumn, winter and spring. But that’s not the issue. I enjoy the process and progress just as much as the finished product.

My last two FO’s are good examples of my simple knitting. Firstly, the rainbow slippers. It’s just a lot of garter stitch, knit, knit, knit, into a bunch of squares that are sown together and then thrown into the washing machine. Wham bam slippers! Rainbow, even. They took me three days to knit up. And just as cute and quirky as I like them. And obviously, Kauni felts like a dream.

And there’s monochrome moebius. Here, I’ve used two tricks that make the knitting look much more impressive than it is. Firstly, the moebius technique makes other knitters head asplode (unless they know how to do it, of course 😉 And secondly, again Kauni makes it onto the stage. This time in grey and black, graciously circling around the shawl. But it’s really just a helluva lot of moss stitch. Knit, purl, knit, purl. You could take out my brain and I’d still be able to do that. (Ok, I do need a nervous system, that’s true). Oh, there’s no pattern for this, it’s really too simple. Just Cast on 171 st. like Cat Bhordhi does it in this video, and then proceed with the knit purl thing until the shawl is wide enough for your liking. (My gauge is 18 st / 4 inches)

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