New knits!

The needles are ever active around here. This is what has been growing out of my hands lately:

Firstly, the monochrome moebius. I’m knitting a bunch for a couple who are getting married this spring. The woman (jokingly) suggested that they wanted matching knit scarves as a present. Well, scarves they will get indeed! But what scarves? Very cool ones, if you ask me. I think they will be properly pleased with them.

Next up, there’s the rainbow slippers. I LOVE Kauni’s rainbow yarn a little bit too much. Sometimes it’s hard to figure out what to make of this yummy-yarn, that will display the colour change in a new, surprising and pleasing way. Well, I think these slippers will do the trick. I just knitted along in the kauni, decided it was too monochrome, felted the two strips somewhat, then cut ‘em into squares to reassemble them in random order for maximum colour-wham-bam!

Here’s what felted slippers look like semi-felted and cut up into squares:

Last, I finished my Thermal not long ago. And I’ve been wearing it ever since. It’s a really cold winter we’re having this year, and what better way to meet it than a home-knit sweater? It took half a year to knit it in this thin, two-ply wool, but the colours are pleasing, the fit is perfect, it looks great and is far sexier than most home-knit sweaters. Well, if I look a little sleepy and washed-out, that’s because… I am! Jonatan is sick again and woke up a lot last night, the poor little critter.

Oh, and the jeans I’m wearing I found in the share-ur-trash room in our apartment building. It turns out it was my good friend-neighbour who had put them there. Hah. I’ve always secretly admired her soft, comfy and cool jeans, and when I found these, I thought they might come from her, owing to their softness and boyish boxiness. Well, right I was.

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